Religion Becoming Less Important

Religion Downward Trend

It’s no wonder that religion is becoming less important to people in this day of age.  Agnostic and atheist leaning people tend to be more prevalent among the college educated and young generations.  As more and more free online educational content becomes available via the interwebs, I’m sure it will help enforce the current trends.  Below are some links to a few articles that have really done their homework on this matter.  Check it out…

This is from Gallup Politics with a great list of metrics

The Pew Forum

The Washington Post on the rise of atheism

A 25 page PDF file with some interesting data

5 thoughts on “Religion Becoming Less Important

  • Religion had never been in my life early on. Though I’d always felt this inexplicable need to search for and develop my “spiritual” side. Always in the hamster race like search for the “meaning” of it all. I finally found my niche and am extremely happy. I’m curious if religion is less important to you? How are societies trends and the fall from religion affecting you?

    • To give you a little background, I actually was born and raised in the Mormon religion. As a little kid I hated going to church every Sunday. I thought it was so boring! As I grew up I learned to tolerate it. I didn’t really learn to be a critical thinker and a skeptic until college when I took a history class that changed my thought process completely. I failed the class, but ended up learning much more than I ever could have imagined from it. The knowledge I gained I applied to every aspect of my life. I started thinking critically about the lessons and stories I was told as a child every Sunday. What I found was hidden racism and bigotry in several of these stories. I also started asking questions about church practices in which I was looked down upon for it.

      To make a long story short, I’m much happier without religion in my life. My atheist belief took years and years to get to. I had to question everything I once believed to be fact or true. The internet helped quite a bit in that it amazed me to the fact that other people came to the same conclusions I came up with as well. I have such a positive and optimistic view of the future in that science and technology will eventually replace religion. It’s not something that’s going to happen over night, but in the long run I believe science and technology will come out on top and make the world a better place.

      • Hmmm… I used to question everything and denounced religion in general. Though never fully atheist. I actually ended up joining the Mormon church in Jan 2012. I feel like its greatly benefited my life. But I suppose no more than an atheist or any other who applies general moral principles. I’m not sure it would change my being in the church, but I’m interested in what you have to say about the things that you have questioned.

        You don’t believe science and technology can work together with religion then I presume?

        If you don’t totally object to my questions, … well, I suppose you may or may not accept further messages from me via alternative connections/media. It would obviously be your prerogative.

        • You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. This is, after all, the internet. Science and technology, in my opinion, replaces religion. Think about it. Let’s take volcanoes, for instance. At one point in time a religious person would of explained volcanic activity as a literal “act of god or gods”. Once science and technology evolved to the point where we were able to answer enough of Earth’s mysteries, we were able to realize that volcanic activity was not the act of a vengeful god but the work of tectonic movement. We all learn the basics about Earth sciences in school and have a general understanding of how natural processes work. People nowadays would consider it silly to think of volcanic activity as the result of the actions of a god or gods. So you see, once science and technology progress to a point where the universe’s mysteries are solved there is no need for the old religious way of thinking anymore.

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