3D Printed Clarinet Mouthpiece

MouthpieceBehold!  My newest creation!  I designed a clarinet mouthpiece that can be 3D printed and inserted into any clarinet without the need for a cork seal!  Just slap a reed on it and play ’til your heart’s content.  It’s gone through several revisions to get it just right.  It’s functional and sounds great, actually.  Now I’m on to designing the rest of the clarinet, which will be a feat 10x more difficult however I’m always up for a good challenge!

If you think this is totally awesome and want to pick one up for yourself, I have the mouthpiece available for sale on Shapeways.



1 thought on “3D Printed Clarinet Mouthpiece

  • Hey! I was wondering of you could send me the file for this stunning work so that I could make some revisions to the mouthpiece. I plan to upscale the mouthpiece in order for it to fit into a bass clarinet neck (my instrument), and extending and reshaping the taper on the reed rails (hole) by making it slightly longer as seen on most clarinet mouthpieces. Lastly I want to convert the file so that I can use it on a CNC machine to create the mouthpiece out of ebonite, and end up with a professional result. Best regards!

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