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Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic


I keep hearing success stories from my friends and coworkers in the online dating scene. I’ve dabbled in the online sites for a few years now with bupkis to show for it. Lately I’ve been more active, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. It’s very discouraging to email scores of women only to get zero responses. I can’t blame the sites as they generally cater to women in that they don’t have to pay a dime to use their services (unlike us men who have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to send a damn email) so all those messages I send have no financial reason to go unanswered, at least. I’ve also tweaked my profile numerous times over the years in the hopes that maybe I didn’t have enough information of relevance. If I had any hair left, I’d be pulling it out right now to keep me from going insane, but maybe it’s just inevitable. Is doing things differently and getting the same result the definition of insanity or what? Why am I venting my frustrations out on my website instead of Facebook or Google+? Frankly, no one reads my website, which I’m okay with. If you do read it, more power to ya.

Mostly I’m posting it here because then I won’t have to read the same irritating comments everyone in the world frickin’ uses. What comments, you ask? Let me list a few. Maybe you’ve heard some of these yourself…

1. Just be yourself.

No shit, Sherlock! Gee, thanks for the stellar advice! The people that spew out this precious gem tend to be the ones that either got married just after high school or have natural good looks and a natural ability to hook up with anyone with hardly any effort at all.

2. Don’t worry. You’ll find the right person eventually.

Well, yeah that’s the general idea, isn’t it? Thanks Nostradamus but I can get more helpful advice from a daily horoscope.

3. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Please, just stop. *FACEPALM*

4. The right one will come along when you least expect it.

I’ve had that philosophy for ten years now and it’s gotten me nowhere. Next…

As you can see I usually get pretty shallow advice that everyone’s heard a million times. Why is that? Is it that no one cares? Maybe they’re just as clueless as me and can only barf out a canned response. Who knows. This is a question I just can’t answer. The only thing I can do is to keep stumbling though, keep sending those emails, try more sites, go out more, make myself known and hope something sticks. I suppose that’s what we all do and from a statistics standpoint, some people see results immediately, some over time, and some not at all. All I can hope is that it’s not the latter. At what point do you throw in the towel and give up? My twenties was a bust. My thirties are looking pretty bleak but still promising opportunities exist. If I don’t find anyone, I’ll probably give up in my forties and just accept the single life forever.

Resident Evil T-Virus Canister

T-Virus Canisters

Here’s one of the movie prop replicas I used to make.  I thought I’d post some details for anyone who wants to make them for themselves.  Below are links to pdf’s of drawings I have made up that show all the dimensions needed to make a T-Virus canister..

The aluminum end caps were bought out from a local machine shop.  All the acrylic tubing was purchased from TAP Plastics.  The outer tubing was a simple cut-to-length using a chop saw.  The double helix was formed by applying heat to the tubing using a heat gun and wrapping it around a 5/8 inch dowel.  The helix was then cut to length using a dremel.  One end of the helix is clamped shut by applying heat and squeezing shut with needle nose pliers.

The colors for the liquid is just food coloring and distilled water.  For an added effect you can substitute food coloring with UV fluorescent dye!

Since the inside diameter of the helix tubing is too small to pour liquid in from the top, we have to fill it from the bottom up.  In order to do this I used a syringe with a long piece of small plastic tubing attached to it.  I filled up the syringe with liquid and inserted the small plastic tube all the way to the bottom of the helix.  As I started filling the helix with liquid I would pull the small tubing out at the same time.  Once filled I would heat up the open end and clamp it shut with the pliers.

Once you have your coils with with liquid filled and clamped off, you’re ready to start assembling everything.  I glue the end caps on using 5 minute two part epoxy purchased from any Lowe’s or Home Depot.  The epoxy has a yellow tint to it, but when it cures it turns clear.  Mix and pour the epoxy into one of the aluminum end caps.  Insert the outer tubing and the two helix’s and let the epoxy cure.  Once cured do the same with the other end cap and then you’re finished and ready to display your epic awesomeness!


I thought I’d kick off 2012 by getting back into selling a few of my creations online.  I notice a lot of youtubers use as their swag selling site of choice.  I’ve also been bouncing around the idea of doing more youtube videos, but we’ll see.  In the meantime, take a gander at a couple of designs I’ve uploaded so far…

Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt - T-Shirts Krispy Krap

Spreadshirt Market Place Product

Krispy Krap

Bullying Bullcrap!

Stories about bullying have been cropping up in the news recently, it seems.  So much so that I’m now starting to see people post on facebook about it and buying into the bullcrap propaganda the media is spreading.  This concerns me and alerts me to the fact that some rich elitist prick is trying to push some sort of bullcrap agenda in order to make a few bucks.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, listen to this audio clip from the No Agenda Show.  No Agenda Bullying Clip

New Job

This week will be my last week working at Peridot Corp.  Having been with them for seven years it feels a little weird to be leaving.  In spite of this I do have to consider my career growth.  My new job will be working as a Quality Engineer, so this is definitely a step up not only salary wise, but career wise as well.  I’m sad to have to go, but at the same time excited about changing things up a bit!