Ron Paul Ahead of the Curve

Google insights shows some very interesting results when comparing searches for Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum.  Looks to me like Ron Paul is getting a lot more attention than the media claims him to be getting.  Click here for the full google insights stats page.  

Bullying Bullcrap!

Stories about bullying have been cropping up in the news recently, it seems.  So much so that I’m now starting to see people post on facebook about it and buying into the bullcrap propaganda the media is spreading.  This concerns me and alerts me to the fact that some rich elitist prick is trying to

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SolidWorks CSWP Certification

I totally forget about posting stuff like this on my website as I spend more time on google+.  A few weeks back I passed the SolidWorks Professional Certification Exam.  Why?  I wanted to do it for myself just for the challenge, I suppose.  Plus, it looks good on a resume.

New Job

This week will be my last week working at Peridot Corp.  Having been with them for seven years it feels a little weird to be leaving.  In spite of this I do have to consider my career growth.  My new job will be working as a Quality Engineer, so this is definitely a step up

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Flare Ups

Sometimes flare ups are very fast acting, like yesterday.  I was fine until after lunch.  After that I spent the whole night barfing everything back up.  I hate flare ups.  They come at the most inopportune times, too!  I wonder if stress plays a factor in it as well.  I’m also wondering if this diet

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SCD Carrot Ginger Soup

In keeping with the specific carbohydrate diet, I try to mix things up a bit by finding new recipes to try out.  For the ones that I like and will cook again, I keep them written down in Google Docs.  Here’s a recipe for a Carrot Ginger Soup.  Enjoy!

SCD Update

So far so good.  The food journal I keep on google calendar really helps out a lot.  I’m able to pin point exactly what foods upset my system.  I need to start working on making stuff out of almond flour.  My first attempt at making a blueberry loaf out of coconut flour ended up in

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