Bullying Bullcrap!

Stories about bullying have been cropping up in the news recently, it seems.  So much so that I’m now starting to see people post on facebook about it and buying into the bullcrap propaganda the media is spreading.  This concerns me and alerts me to the fact that some rich elitist prick is trying to push some sort of bullcrap agenda in order to make a few bucks.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, listen to this audio clip from the No Agenda Show.  No Agenda Bullying Clip

New Job

This week will be my last week working at Peridot Corp.  Having been with them for seven years it feels a little weird to be leaving.  In spite of this I do have to consider my career growth.  My new job will be working as a Quality Engineer, so this is definitely a step up not only salary wise, but career wise as well.  I’m sad to have to go, but at the same time excited about changing things up a bit!


Flare Ups

Sometimes flare ups are very fast acting, like yesterday.  I was fine until after lunch.  After that I spent the whole night barfing everything back up.  I hate flare ups.  They come at the most inopportune times, too!  I wonder if stress plays a factor in it as well.  I’m also wondering if this diet is going to work for me at all.  The first two weeks I felt amazing.  Now all it seems to do for me is keep extra weight off me.  I need to figure out a better solution.

SCD Update

So far so good.  The food journal I keep on google calendar really helps out a lot.  I’m able to pin point exactly what foods upset my system.  I need to start working on making stuff out of almond flour.  My first attempt at making a blueberry loaf out of coconut flour ended up in disaster.  Maybe almond flour will fare better.  Overall, everything is turning out really well for me.  One thing that has really been a godsend has been homemade yogurt.  It agrees with my system very well and tastes great.  It costs the same as store bought yogurt, but it can be cheaper.  I choose to use whole raw milk which is like $8 per half gallon.  Anyway, just wanted to post a quick update.