I remember why I hate cooking now…it takes too damn long!  30 Minute  Meals my ass.  Those stupid shows never show how much time is spent on prep work or cleaning (which basically triples the amount of time spent in the kitchen).  Four hours later and I’m done!  Granted I made enough food for a few days but still…that’s not the point.

I am worn out!  I think I’m going to zzzzz……

Garage Sale

I’ll be having a garage sale soon in order to minimize all the crap I have accumulated over the years.  The long term goal here is to move out and get a place of my own.  I really don’t want to keep much.  Most of the stuff I want to get rid of are things I wouldn’t reallly be able to use in an apartment.  So yeah, that means all my power tools are saying sayonara.  I also have some electronics that I have to get rid of as well such as an oscilloscope and pulse generator.  Eventually I’ll sell of my sign printer as well, but not yet.  I just signed up to get the square card reader for my android phone, so hopefully that will boost sales by allowing more than just cash sales.  This should be interesting, I can’t wait.

Purpose Found!

Ah ha!I finally found a purpose for my site!  I’ve always wanted it to be a personal site of mine, but never knew what exactly I should put on it.  Now I know!  I’m a pretty private person by nature, but I’m working at changing that.  My goal here is to provide a record of my progress and to share my experiences with everyone.  This will be more of a vlog than a blog, so I will mainly be uploading videos instead of writing articles…so keep my site bookmarked!