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Even Noah had a Montage

Whenever I’m off driving from point A to B, most times instead of listening to music I’ll listen to some podcasts.  This past year my auditory canals have been tickled by one podcast in particular called The Scathing Atheist hosted by Noah Lugeons.  Every episode he starts off with a diatribe, which is a quick two minute rant about situations, events, and religion and their shenanigans.  The audio linked to this post is a compilation of all my top favorite diatribes from the past year.  The host has an eloquent way of conveying sound and valid arguments that are direct and to the point.  Hope you enjoy the montage!

Religion Becoming Less Important

Religion Downward Trend

It’s no wonder that religion is becoming less important to people in this day of age.  Agnostic and atheist leaning people tend to be more prevalent among the college educated and young generations.  As more and more free online educational content becomes available via the interwebs, I’m sure it will help enforce the current trends.  Below are some links to a few articles that have really done their homework on this matter.  Check it out…

This is from Gallup Politics with a great list of metrics

The Pew Forum

The Washington Post on the rise of atheism

A 25 page PDF file with some interesting data